Duties-Responsibilities in Food Division

Inspect and Assess
o Inspection of over (500+) retail food outlets in Grant County includes the following:
o restaurants
o taverns
o school cafeterias
o convenience stores
o supermarkets
o mobile food units
o bed and breakfasts
o bakeries
o non-profit organizations (operating more than 15 days a calendar year) or upon request
o (20+)Fairs and Festivals for Food Safety, and 135+ Food Vendors
o Plan review for proposed remodeling and or new construction of retail food outlets

Investigate and Report
o Food-borne illnesses
o Complaints filed against food outlet or food products by consumers
o "Hot Trucks" Unrefrigerated trucks carrying (PHF's)Potentially Hazardous Foods that requires refrigeration w/ Indiana State Police
o Relevant and necessary cases to (ISDH) Indiana State Department of Health

Consult and Educate
o Food Safety and Sanitation at all retail food outlets
o Farmer's Market, Open Air Market, and Home Based Vendors as needed
o Provide and /or facilitate educational presentations to schools, organizations, and retail food establishment/ outlets
o Work with (ISEP) Indiana State Excise Police reference Tobacco (Do's and Don'ts) in Restaurants, Tavern and Private Clubs

Research and Continued Learning
o Maintain State Standardization Training w/ (ISDH) Indiana State Department of Health 2X a Year
o Webinar training, Monthly meetings w/ Indiana Environmental Health Association Northeast Chapter, Food Protection Meeting 4X Yr.
o (NIMIS) National Incident Management System Training and Testing with EMS Bruce Bender

Enforce and Respond
o Pertinent Laws and Regulations
o Pertinent Local Ordinance's
• Provide 24/7 (on-call) response to Fires, Floods, Power outages, or other Emergencies involving Retail Food Outlets

Manage and Administer
o Maintain the Contents of the Food Division (Web Pages) for up to date Recalls, Inspection Reports, Forms, and Information for the Public and Industry in order to provide easy access and most of all be Transparent. www.grantcounty.net go to Health Department, then Food Division
o General Clerical work including: the origination of Warning Letters, Informational Paper, Mailing over 500 pieces of mail to all the retail food outlets 4X a year+ , and Document filing
o Receive payments for Food License New and Renewal for over 500+, also Late Fees, and Fines